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Our book is OUT NOW!!

We are delighted to present our new book: 

Green Exercise: Linking Nature, Health and Well-Being  

The book comprises chapters from leaders in green exercise and related research, from around the world. 

Editors: Jo Barton, Rachel Bragg, Carly Wood, Jules N. Pretty

ISBN-10: 1138807656; ISBN-13: 978-1138807655



"Timely, thorough, and readable – the definitive source on green exercise. Highly recommended." – Howard Frumkin, School of Public Health, University of Washington, USA


"Green Exercise provides an antidote for much of what ails modern society. This book will help both to protect the natural world and to enhance public health." – Nancy M. Wells, Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University, USA


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Book Chapters:

1. The seven heresies of Asclepius: how environmental and social context shapes health and well-being

Jules Pretty and David Penche

2. Nature in buildings and health design  

Stephen R. Kellert

3. Green exercise for health: a dose of nature  

Jo Barton, Carly Wood, Jules Pretty and Mike Rogerson

4. How to get more out of the green exercise experience: insights from attention restoration theory  

Jason Duvall and William C. Sullivan

5. The benefits of green exercise for children  

Carly Wood, Rachel Bragg and Jules Pretty

6. Learning on the move: green exercise for children and young people

Liz O’Brien, Bianca Ambrose-Oji, Sue Waite, Jennie Aronsson and Maria Clark

7. The health benefits of blue exercise in the UK  

Mathew P. White, Sarah Bell, Lewis R. Elliott, Rebecca Jenkin, Benedict W. Wheeler and Michael H. Depledge

8. Forest bathing in Japan  

Qing Li

9. Healthy parks, healthy people: evidence from Australia  

Mardie Townsend and Claire Henderson-Wilson

10 Green care: nature-based interventions for vulnerable people

Joe Sempik and Rachel Bragg

11. Care farming and probation in the UK  

Jenni Murray, Helen Elsey and Rochelle Gold

12. Wilderness and youth at risk: approaches for positive behaviour change through the outdoors

Jo Roberts, Jo Barton and Carly Wood

13. Green exercise in the workplace  

Valerie Gladwell and Daniel Brown

14. Green exercise and dementia  

Neil Mapes

15. The benefits of greener and healthier economies

Jules Pretty and Jo Barton


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