The Best Yoga Blocks To Enhance Your Practice

Are you looking to improve your poses? Here are the best yoga blocks on the market to help you deepen your practice.

Do you want to know what are the best yoga blocks according to a certified yoga instructor? We reveal our favourites here.

It doesn’t weigh if you’re new to yoga or an experienced teacher; the practice can be challenging.

We want to make it easy for you when choosing which yoga blocks to buy and use. It is so crucial that you select blocks that will help and not hinder your yoga performance.

We have done the hard work for you by reviewing the best yoga blocks available.


Best Yoga Block Overall

While many great options are available, we feel that overall the Manduka recycled foam yoga block comes best for ease of use for yogis of all levels, comfort, and durability.

#1 Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block

The Manduka recycled foam yoga block has great eco-credentials without compromising on performance or durability.

Up to 75% of these durable yoga block materials are made from sustainable, pre-recycled sources.

While many yoga blocks claim to be eco-friendly, the Manduka block is one of the only options available to be made almost entirely from planet-friendly material.The block is made from postindustrial and post-consumer goods, including material from an old recycled yoga mat.

This block also has carefully designed edges for both comfort and ease of use, making it a practical option that doesn’t lose out on style points.

The high density of this Manduka block makes it an excellent choice for a firm and stable yoga prop. You will be able to rely on it to keep you steady.

Another key benefit of this unique product is its soft and comfortable grip, as many blocks can be hard and uncomfortable to hold. The softness does not reduce its grip factor, though, as it has been specially designed to be non-slip, even when your hands get hot.

What We Like

  • We enjoy that these blocks are hard to beat, strong eco-credentials
  • With this block, there is no need to compromise between comfort and beauty
  • You can expect a highly durable, grip-friendly product

What We Don’t Like

  • A little high priced for the complete beginner on a budget.

Best Cork Yoga Block

Cork blocks are all the range in yoga studios across the world. They feel great whether you use them between your thighs or to support your back. Here is our top pick.

#2 Manduka Cork Yoga Block

Manduka Cork Yoga Block is reliable and firm, made from planet-friendly sustainable cork.

Manduka cork yoga block offers users greater stability and firmness than regular foam blocks.

This is particularly useful if you are a beginner who is still working on strength and stability or if you want to experiment with some more advanced postures without the support of your yoga instructor.

Manduka cork yoga block is made from fine-grain cork material, and it weighs much less than standard cork yoga blocks, which are usually made with a denser coarse grain material. This makes it a more portable option and great for travel.

The comfortable and contoured edges of this cork block also make it easy to grip without sacrificing comfort. However, you will still enjoy a resilient and robust structure that will endure as your yoga practice develops.

What We Like

  • The portability of this product is a real selling point for the traveling yogi
  • This product is more comfortable than most other cork style blocks
  • You get a reliable product that will keep going for longer

What We Don’t Like

  • The design is a little uninspiring.

Best Foam Yoga Block

Here we have it, the best all-rounder, a foam block that feels good and performs even better. And yes, it is also produced by a highly reputable yoga brand as a bonus.

#3 Gaiam Embossed Foam Yoga Block

The Gaiam Embossed Foam Yoga Block has a lightweight yet stable design with a durable, wipe-clean finish, and we love the quality.

This Gaiam yoga block is stylish yet simple and comes in an impressive range of colors and designs.

The block ticks many of the boxes for functionality and usability. For example, it is designed to be durable yet lightweight and robust but also comfortable to handle.

This straightforward yet reliable block is very beginner-friendly, and yet many more advanced yogi practitioners also enjoy its easy wipe clean design.

Foam blocks such as this embossed Gaiam product offers you non-slip support for better body alignment and injury-free practice.

What We Like

  • A great functional all-rounder, featuring the best benefits of quality foam blocks
  • Beginner-friendly yoga block, practice safely without your yoga instructor

What We Don’t Like

  • Could have better eco-credentials
  • Lots of similar products available for a lower price

Best Yoga Block for Beginners

This is what you have been waiting for, our ultimate recommendation for newbies. This two-block set will equip you with the support needed for a variety of poses, making increased flexibility a little bit closer.

#4 Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block Set

A handy set of two quality yoga blocks that easily meet a newcomer’s requirements for yoga.

The Gaiam essentials yoga block set is a great kit for any yogi. As you start to practice yoga and other exercises, you will soon realize that many situations call for the use of two yoga blocks.

Therefore, it is super handy that this yoga blocks kit features two identical blocks that will streamline and stabilize your practice for better results.

Enjoy the benefits of durable and supportive foam. Both blocks comprise non-slip beveled edges for extra stability.

In addition, this particular form of foam block is not made from EVA, which results in it being 50% denser than EVA equivalents. Greater density can result in firmer and more reliable support during your practice.

What We Like

  • The benefit of two identical blocks in one handy kit makes this a tremendous no-nonsense choice
  • The dense EVA foam-free yoga blocks provide stable and secure support.

What We Don’t Like

  • The color of this twin set is a little uninspiring
  • It would have been nice also to include a yoga strap to make it into a complete kit.

Best Yoga Block and Strap Set

Let’s face it, we want to make life easier for ourselves, and finding a combo set that gives you what you need helps to make things that little bit more straightforward. This is an excellent duo for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

#5 Gaiam Yoga Block & Yoga Strap Combo Set

This is a handy yoga block and strap set which makes a great starter kit for anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice and enhance both stability and flexibility.

Here you gain from the benefit of a solid and durable foam block, as well as a well-designed and easily adjusted yoga belt and strap, making it one of the best yoga blocks and strap combos around.

The easy-to-use yoga strap features a quick-release D ring metal that can securely hold up to 6 feet of the belt into place.

The color-coordinated combination gives you the best of both worlds, the ability to build more strength and stability in standing and balance poses, as well as the tool to enhance flexibility in forwarding folds.

What We Like

  • This practical yoga teacher-approved set combines a high-quality EVA foam-free block with a budget-friendly strap.
  • Many yogis and fitness experts recommend these products in their yoga studios

What We Don’t Like

  • Ideally, the product could feel a little more comfortable when being used in a posture
  • Another advantage would be if the products were available in different colors.

Best Curved Yoga Block

This is our pick of the best-curved yoga block, a unique and appealing piece of yoga equipment that performs as well as it looks. Of course, for added eco-credentials, we have picked a fully recycled option too.

#6 Manduka unBLOK Recycled Foam Yoga Block

This reliable brand offers a unique curved block for a comfortable feel and a soft touch.

Enjoy a unique block experience that can give height to a posture, form to a stretch, and up-level your yoga classes. Manduka’s unBLOK product excels in its soft and curvy edge.

This makes it smooth when placed under your shoulders and can better cushion your joints when used in restorative postures.

If you want to use yoga blocks in many different ways, this slip-resistant high-density curved yoga block will pack a punch, and it is also easy to clean.

However, it doesn’t benefit from beveled edges, and new yogis might find it easier to use a cork block, especially in a yoga class such as hot yoga, where sweat may make it harder to maintain a firm grip.

What We Like

  • Reviews of this block state that it helps to cushion joints and feels great to touch
  • It can also double up as a meditation cushion as it feels stable to sit on and supports legs easily

What We Don’t Like

  • The curved edge of this block means you may also need to use other yoga equipment or pair it with foam yoga blocks if practicing different yoga styles such as hot yoga
  • Curved edges make it harder for muscles to relax onto, which is also reflected in the reviews for this product.

Best Yoga Wedge Block

Here we present the best yoga wedge block to you, which can offer you a more broad range of uses than cork blocks and can be utilized in a range of different fitness and strength-based exercises.

#7 StrongTek Yoga Foam Wedge Blocks

These versatile high-density slip-resistant wedges can be used in many different ways, supporting many health practices outside of yoga.

The StrongTek yoga foam wedge blocks can help you achieve your ideal position in many practices, such as pilates, cross-fit, push-ups, and more, making them a great aid to your general health.

Unlike conventional rectangular yoga blocks, these wedges can help with a different kind of motion, and you can use them forwards, backward, or sideways, depending on where you need the help most.

However, they have less width than a regular rectangular block, so you may find it hard to place your hand on them during a flow class.

Again, suppose you usually use a yoga block in place of a pillow to support your head or help you in restorative positions or inversions.

In that case, the shape of these wedges may mean you also need to pack towels or other props to set you up comfortably on the ground.

What We Like

  • We like the density and non-slip surface of the foam material. As props go, they give students a lot of options for different stretches
  • The unique shape makes these blocks favorites for yogis who also practice other body practices such as fitness and strength exercises

What We Don’t Like

  • The shape of these wedges means it can be challenging for students to put their hands in the right place or distribute their weight evenly despite the non-slip surface
  • Considering the blocks are not very budget-friendly, yogis will also need to buy one or two other props to support them in the studio, making this set one of our most minor favorite choices for beginners.

Best Bamboo Yoga Block

Bamboo yoga blocks look great, are made of sustainable material, and offer firm and steady support for challenging postures. They will definitely endure lots of use and are a great way to relax tension in your back when resting on the ground.

#8 Wooden-Life Bamboo Yoga Block

These bamboo blocks are a favorite for eco-friendly experts and offer a high-density seat for yogis wanting to find balance in body and mind.

With this wooden bamboo product, you can find height and balance in your stretch. You can use the solid and protected bamboo yoga block material for sitting comfortably on hard ground by placing this block under your hips.

For beginners, who are new to basic yoga postures, the block may feel a little uncomfortable on the palms of the hands, which is why one of the recommendations from teachers is to start with a cork or foam block to give you more options.

The materials of this support are more eco-friendly than a regular foam material, but with that comes an increased weight and price tag.

For someone a good way into their yoga journey, this prop might be a good option, but for most people, a better choice would be a foam block or strap set, which offers just as much stability during poses without the hard surface.

What We Like

  • The heavyweight of this block makes it a good option for yoga poses on the ground, which requires support for the hips
  • The block is sweat-resistant and looks nicely in the studio

What We Don’t Like

  • The block can feel stiff and uncomfortable during a quick-paced flow class and may not improve your form if you are not advanced level.
  • One of the main reasons we wouldn’t recommend this block to new yogis is that teachers find these blocks can be hard on the wrists, even for gentle stretches, due to their heavyweight.

How Do We Decide The Best Picks: What To Look For?

Brand reputation and price come into the equation, but the following criteria are what we used to help select our best picks.

You can consider these factors when picking your yoga blocks too.


When choosing your block, make sure it is the suitable material for your fitness needs. For example, will it feel comfortable for the palms of your hands? Or will it strain your wrists?

We want options that give us the right level of support without being uncomfortable with the surface material.

If in doubt, cork yoga blocks are firm favorites amongst most yoga teachers, making them some of the best yoga blocks on the market. Check out the yoga block from Manduka range.


You need to ensure the block’s width means it is easy to reach on your mat during a pose. It also needs to be big enough to hold your body weight.

But remember that with size can sometimes come increased weight, which can add challenge to your poses if you use the block to gain flexibility. Therefore it is a balance to find the best block for your yoga needs.


You have the option of a regular rectangular yoga block or yoga blocks with curved edges. A traditional yoga block shape will also double up as a pillow when practicing relaxation positions on the floor.

You can also choose the wedge format of your yoga block if you want more options for other non-yoga exercises.


Do you want to use your yoga blocks in poses every day? Or just now and again in the presence of your yoga teacher? This will determine how durable you need your block to be.

Remember that you will also likely use your yoga block with yoga straps, especially without the support of a yoga trainer, so make sure you choose the best products for your level of use.


Of course, you want to use a yoga block with the best price, but remember that it can help to choose a quality product that will endure the test of time in the long run.

There are many options available for all budgets, so you should find the right price for you. On average, cork blocks can be more expensive than the yoga blocks products made from foam.


We know that using a yoga block can enhance your yoga practice, increase your poses’ depth and ease, and keep you coming back for more yoga goodness.

Practicing challenging poses or simple poses like sitting on the floor can be enhanced by using a yoga block. We believe that yoga blocks are an excellent investment, whether you practice occasionally in the studio or at home every day.

You can use cork blocks or any products such as the yoga block Manduka range to either get going with yoga in the first place or to deepen and advance your technique.

Our number one pick would have to be a recycled foam block from the yoga block Manduka range, as it ticks all the boxes for ease of use, comfort, sustainability, and design.


Do I need 1 or 2 yoga blocks?

Using 2 blocks will give you the best way to support yourself in a pose, as you can double up on the benefits, for example, by using one block between your thighs and another between your wrists.

Also, two blocks can be stacked on top of each other to help you reach the floor or your toes.

Should yoga blocks be soft or hard?

Because you can use yoga blocks in several different ways, you may want to have one of each.

A good instructor will likely have a range of blocks you can experiment with before investing.